Florida Agriculture Commissioner Visits Southern Tier

This past Monday, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried visited the Southern Tier to learn more about the growing hemp industry in New York State. Joined by Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and the CSG Hemp team, Commissioner Fried toured a hemp field in the area to get an up-close and personal view into the New York State hemp industry.

The day included a visit to one of CSG’s own hemp fields, where CSG Chief Agricultural Officer Aldous Loyd talked to Commissioner Fried about the transition to hemp for family farms and the benefits of hemp as an added source of income for small-scale farmers. Commissioner Fried was interested to learn about the positive effects of hemp on farmers and admired New York’s focus on consumer safety and job growth. 

On hemp, Commissioner Fried said “All biodegradable, all better for the environment. Something that is finally America first and products that we are exporting instead of having to be reliant on imports from other countries to sustain our economy. It’s really going to be hemp that is the forward-thinking of where America needs to be in the next ten to twenty years.



Looking towards the Lupardo/Metzger Hemp Bill (A7680A) as inspiration, Commissioner Fried is hoping to implement similar legislation in Florida. With Assemblywoman Lupardo, Fried was able to discuss the benefits of New York’s Hemp Bill and its focus on farmers, consumer safety, and economic growth.

“New York has quickly and deliberately become a hub for innovation and growth in the global hemp industry thanks to forward thinking from farmers, businesses, and lawmakers alike,” said Kaelan Castetter, CEO of CSG Hemp. “We are thrilled to welcome Nikki Fried, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services, to the Southern Tier to experience this first hand. With recent passage of The Hemp Extract Bill, governments across the country are looking to our model as one that prioritizes agriculture, consumer safety, and economic growth”.

As the hemp industry continues to blossom both in New York State and elsewhere, it is important that legislators such as Fried are able to experience hemp firsthand. CSG wishes Commissioner Fried good luck on her endeavors to introduce comprehensive hemp legislation in her own state and we are looking forward to seeing a lucrative hemp industry flourish in Florida.

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