• Sarah McGovern

One Upstate county welcomes the hemp industry as a way to reinvigorate its economy

"Castetter sees cannabis as part of the 'infrastructure of tomorrow,' but like many in the area, he also sees the region’s infrastructure of the past as a key to making the area a new hotbed for the industry, thanks in part to the many opportunities to repurpose the area’s buildings, particularly those that once held manufacturing. Combined with the area’s location at the center of several transportation networks, Castetter says he can see why the area’s leaders are getting behind the emerging industry."

"Castetter says the region has a 'perfect storm' of political will, an area known for its research and spirit of innovation, low cost of living, easily accessible farmland and buildings and warehouses available for repurposing."

“It’s an exciting time,” he says. “We have the opportunity to make 1,000 millionaires.”

Marijuana Venture