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How to create and sell info products online

Over the years my students have found my teaching really uesful. I seem to be able to make things as simple as possible. Some marketing students have increased their marks in the marketing exam by as much as 20%. I was looking for a way to offer help with marketing exam to a wider audience. I trawled the internet and found lots of poor material. Then I came across Yaro Starak and followed his approach. The free homework solutions report makes so much sense

It shows you how to profit by creating and selling your own information product.

His report is called the Membership Site Masterplan and as you would guess, it is a step-by-step guide for launching a profitable online membership site.

Exam Advice

The homework help answers and exam help comes in many forms. If you are about to sit exams try to build up a portfolio of case studies. The Opportunity to use real life examples in the marketing exam is crucial to gaining the higher marks.

Start early and look for case studies now that are in the press. At the moment Toyata is dominating the headlines and as such it is a good source of information for marketing communications and crisis management. Look to the past for examples of businesses that suffered poor PR and how they were able to recover. According to this will offer ideas to help Toyota and show your understanding of the way in which marketing practice can be used to help the business recover

Marketing used to follow the standard process. The company asked the customers what they wanted and to greater or lesser extent gave it to them. The change now is that customers are not just consulted, they create the ‘product’. If you think for a moment about the ability to take a product and change it. Customise, tailor, you chose which term you prefer. From here the consumer creates what ever they want. They ‘mash’ the old and new, create their own ringtones, trainers, slideshows, videos. Where would U Tube be without consumers uploading their own videos?

o2 are working with consumers to develop content. The key word is with not for Here the company becomes truly consumer led and that gives ownership to that consumer. Cynics would suggest that is a cheaper way of developing the product. This maybe true but it also decreases risk and if the consumer is involved the chances of success are greater.

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