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CCG Solutions is a reflection of our commitment to creating a robust, sustainable, and diverse cannabis industry in the Empire State.  We tap into our decades of industry-specific experience and practical insight to help you identify & shatter all barriers to entry. Grow your business by leveraging our team to deliver operational optimization & results.


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Research is the foundation of all good business decisions. Whether you have an idea for a venture or are looking to expand to new markets, information and data are key. We go beyond surface-level research to ensure each client receives analysis & recommendations gleaned from ground-level insights. This allows us to support your management team in guiding seamless execution.


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Leveraging our vast wealth of Empire State specific knowledge, we will augment and build out your short and long-term strategic intentions to best position your venture for sustained growth in the evolving New York cannabis landscape. Understanding the key players, regulatory issues, and potential barriers is crucial for taking the right next steps in your business. Keen due diligence will ensure that you have a continued path to success.


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In optimizing your firm for continual expansion in the NY cannabis industry, we work with your team to provide regulatory maintenance & strategic course corrections based on prevelant trends & metrics. Our analysts will monitor the data generated by your operations and combine it with our experience to formulate the best possible solutions.


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Short & Long-term Political Strategy

Regulatory and Legislative Breakdowns

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Why do Businesses Fail in the Cannabis Sector?

A lot of management teams base their operational &strategic decisions on misinformation & erroneous projections, which are abundant in the cannabis industry. We leverage our niche expertise in NY cannabis to ensure all business-related decisions are based on ground level insights, relevant data metrics, & tailored analyses.

What makes New York Cannabis different?

As the global hub of culture and commerce, New York is poised to have a cannabis industry unlike any other. Boasting an enourmous and coveted consumer market, the Empire State is ripe with both opportunity and competition. With over a dozen states to learn from, lawmakers are pushing a unique structure that will incentivize a diverse swath of small-medium sized business growth.

Who do we service?

The spectrum of our clientele ranges from current
operators, ancillary businesses, and pre-entry explorers. The CMP practice is tailored with offerings that cater to a wide array of enterprises & entrepreneurs. This includes: growers, processors, brands, retail enteprises, and more...

Why CCG?

To save time & capital, you can leverage our knowledge and experience to avoid commonly made pitfalls. Working with us means having a trusted partner embedded within your leadership team, offering the peace of mind to make strategic decisions. Whether it’s applying for a license, optimizing operations or anything in between, we are here to help your business thrive.






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